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Insects don’t know why we kill them. After all, we don’t eat them, we don’t need their crushed little bodies, we don’t take anything they have in order to use it for ourselves. They know nothing about the germs they … Continue reading

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Fertility of limits

Joseph Nicéphore Niépce was led to the invention of photography by the realization that his hand was not steady nor accurate enough to trace and reproduce the images projected by his camera obscura, like his contemporaries used to do. He … Continue reading

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A flying bird’s thought (on its route south)

So simple is the sky, with its open blue, and its silent clouds. And then its stars and galaxies, forming and dissolving, with their clusters and their explosions always faithful to precise, undying laws. So complicated is the earth, with … Continue reading

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A world without us

The world began without man and will end without him. The institutions, morals and customs that I shall have spent my life noting down and trying to understand are the transient efflorescence of a creation in relation to which they … Continue reading

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The Easterlin Paradox

      “Though within a given country people with higher incomes are more likely to report being happy, in international comparisons, the average reported level of happiness does not vary much with national income per person, at least for countries with income … Continue reading

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The little boy and the wrecked Santa

Last year, on Christmas Eve, I was rushing into a big music store in Paris, to get the last-minute gifts, and there, before the entrance escalator, was this homeless man. He was maybe around 55, half-dressed like Santa, but other … Continue reading

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Mirage-like voices

With all due respect to religions and to their believers, to me, imagining (g)od as an anthropomorphic being – or to anything close to anthropomorphic –, as “someone” we can address with a “you” or a “Thou”, who constantly watches … Continue reading

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