About me

Two restless feet, two eyes, a curious mind wandering across this strange world, sometimes glancing at the invisible one behind it. In an attempt to make sense of all these vibrations – and to draw a proper cartography of it all.


4 Responses to About me

  1. Allan Richardson says:

    Thanks for dropping by and looking at some of my photos. I was encouraged to read some of your postings on Tibet and human rights. I find it sad that the current bunch of fools to govern in Canada turn their eyes, hearts and minds away from the evidence of China’s presence in Tibet for the sake of selling oil.

    • Thanks. And I totally agree about Tibet. Unfortunately, though, it’s not only the Canadian government. Most – if not all – of our governments act like that, only because of various economic interests. Money still seems to be far more important than Human Rights, to too many people around the world. You are perfectly right, it’s really sad. Have a nice day.

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