Mirage-like voices

With all due respect to religions and to their believers, to me, imagining (g)od as an anthropomorphic being – or to anything close to anthropomorphic –, as “someone” we can address with a “you” or a “Thou”, who constantly watches on our little lives and really minds, punishing or saving us because (being our human-like “father”) “he” can read our thoughts and think like us, is pure non-sense.
Humans are the species that brought the most devastation and death and ignorance of nature itself to this planet, perhaps second only to some of the most widespread and deadly bacteria that have appeared along history. If (g)od was something that had even the slightest resemblance to anything that has a form, he would rather be something closer to a spore, to the tip of a deep underground root, to a molecule of water, or perhaps a gust of wind or a bundle of photons. Actually, it would probably be any bundle of photons, and any of all those things, plus countless others, all combined together. And were it to actively, purposely interact with us, this would be in way more subtle, mysterious, diverted ways.
Yet, its existence as many of us perceive it – that of a source and architect of an absolute, coherent principle – would still have to be proven. Which wouldn’t really make much sense anyway, since the question itself might very well be devoid of sense. We have this universe, here, in this life. Isn’t that enough to know, at least for now? So, call it nature, call it God, call it whatever you want. I call it reality – and I don’t even think it’s the ultimate, absolute one.
The first humans who, from the north of India to the eastern shores of the Mediterranean, started putting human faces on their divinities or being persuaded that they think like us and can understand us (whereas it’s up to us to try to grasp the ultimate nature of reality), made humans take a huge step backwards in the understanding of the world and of our very selves.

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