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The little boy and the wrecked Santa

Last year, on Christmas Eve, I was rushing into a big music store in Paris, to get the last-minute gifts, and there, before the entrance escalator, was this homeless man. He was maybe around 55, half-dressed like Santa, but other … Continue reading

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I breathe deeper, deeper, and the road stretches out, dropping all its bends all of a sudden, mindless of all those flocking stones. And as I run to its empty end, across strands of charred words and the curling ashes … Continue reading

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“All must go” – A short film I directed

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There’s a very simple and yet very deep and true concept that my Tibetan friends like to remind us about from time to time. That person you have just met, with all his or her imperfections, weaknesses, qualities and contradictions, … Continue reading

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