Insects don’t know why we kill them. After all, we don’t eat them, we don’t need their crushed little bodies, we don’t take anything they have in order to use it for ourselves. They know nothing about the germs they may be spreading, and can’t even figure out that what they’re trying to eat from is what we claim to be “our” food, nor that the place they strive to survive in is what we’ve long before them called “our” home. Then how could they possibly understand the reason why we kill them?
In exactly the same way, we can’t figure out why certain things happen above us and around us. We have a brain, a pretty good one, and it is of course our duty – our beautiful duty – to always go further in understanding. But there will always be portions of the universe, entire chunks of the natural world around us filling our minds with countless hows and whys, some of which we can’t hope to ever fully grasp. Some things, some events, whether sprung from apparent randomness or the fruit of causality, are and always be just beyond us.

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3 Responses to Insects

  1. I love bugs. I go out of my way NOT to kill them 🙂

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