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Penguins on the sidewalk

Last night I dreamt I saw a few Emperor penguins on the sidewalk as I was getting out through the back door of a supermarket. There was a half-dozen of them, next to the stalls of the fresh food market, … Continue reading

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If we lose them

This tribe living in the western Brazilian regions of the Amazon rainforest is among the very last ones on our planet to remain to this day uncontacted. Pushed back into the most isolated areas of the Amazon basin through the … Continue reading

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Those shakuhachi moments

___ My last thought that’s still floating through the air goes to my new katana, that’s taking its long warrior’s rest in the baggage hold. They will – at last – be three, the start of an actual collection, on my bedroom … Continue reading

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We would know where we’re going

We walk into the future just like blood cells flow towards the organs – without knowing why. If these cells had our intelligence, they would know where they’re going, and what for. Similarly, if our intelligence was as complex and sophisticated … Continue reading

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Beavers in a man’s world

As soon as the beaver, the rat, or the wild boar population in a certain area grows by 20 or 30%, or to any level that is thought to be unsustainable within that particular ecosystem (and to be posing a threat … Continue reading

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Irreplaceable, mothers…

Visit my movie section, with dozens of videos and links out of a list of the two hundred best movies of all time.

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There’s a non-place that lies “beneath” our universe, that’s wrapped in and all around it, within each creature, each grain of sand, as well as at the core and at the edge of any other possible universe. It’s an invisible … Continue reading

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