Projections (from a self-saved me)

The post you are now reading was not written the same day it has been published. You’re in the future, I’m in the past. Or rather, right now, I am thousands of miles away from here. I wrote this post on December 26 (that’s right, last year!), and then took a plane across the ocean. Right now, I am another me.

So, who knows what will/has happened in the next/past few days. Who knows on what road we will be driving in the exact second that this post pops up on my page. The only thing I know is that – I’m pretty much sure of this – I will be happy. I hope you are happy too, in your new-born year, which by then will be mine as well.

Je suis
le futur antérieur de moi-même.
Et en tant que futur, je ne suis
pas encore. En tant qu’antérieur,
je n’aurai – peut-être –
jamais été.

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