The transient nature of our problems

The problem that is overwhelming you right now could as well not be a problem at all. As a matter of fact, it might even be possible that it simply does not exist. You can’t really see this now, as your view is blinded by its oppressing and apparently boundless shadow. But your intuition, as well as evidence from your own experience, should easily prove its relative nature. To start, you should know that many of the problems that have overwhelmed you in the past, as serious and inextricable as they first appeared to be – some, even to the point of seemingly posing a major threat to your overall life balance and happiness in the long run – turned out to be substantially harmless in the medium or long term. You can realise this about most of the problems you encounter, when you look at them retrospectively.

Also, in case you somewhat believe in the theory of parallel universes (a theory which is now embraced by some of the most prominent mainstream physicists), you should know that in a great – in fact, infinite – number of those realities this problem simply doesn’t exist, or at least it doesn’t in absolute terms And where it does exist, there are countless possible solutions or ways of coping with it. “Out there”, there are other “yous” who are about to find a way of solving it. Yous who are not even aware of it. Yous who just don’t care. Yous who will never have this same problem. Others have had it already and managed to accept its scope and consequences. Or were hit hard by it, but have already put their mind onto other goals and thoughts since. Others have been deeply affected by it (but you should not forget that the probability of an all negative outcome is just a fraction amid an infinite number of more positive ones). Some have decided to face this problem, all the way through, and have learnt a little secret hidden deep inside of it, whereas others are about to benefit from its lesson. Some have even totally forgotten about it. Then, there are yous who have already solved it, the very same problem, and who are looking back at this moment of distress with a soothing smile.

So while you’re feeling crushed by this supposedly gigantic burden, stop for a moment and think of this. You should know that you really can slip yourself towards being one of these parallel or future yous: actually, towards most (if not any) of them. Then, of course, you may, or should, try and do your best to solve your problem anyway. But don’t feel totally overwhelmed by it. Not now. Not once you’ve given yourself a moment to think about this.

art and photo © Edgar Mueller,

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