Nos délices – Our countries’ finest gastronomy

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2 Responses to Nos délices – Our countries’ finest gastronomy

  1. Elena says:

    It is really horrible. But it is known that humans cant live without meat (ok, ok, maybe better to say – there is well-reasoned meaning that we strongly need it). i think that such films are not for open demonstration because they create negative thoughts and impressions. It is the same as for example to show morgue. Better not to know some details i think. We can live without some knowledges! I do not pretend you will agree with me though.

  2. Sorry for replying only now, a few months later, to your comment. Of course I do respect your point of view, even though I must say I personally do not agree. It is scientifically proven that we do not “strongly need” meat to live a healthy life. A well-balanced vegetarian diet, especially if supported by both proteins from vegetables (and legumes) and from eggs and dairy, brings as many health benefits – if not even more – than a diet which includes meat. As far the images shown, I don’t think we should close our eyes when such things happen every day in our countries. But once again, I respect your point of view.

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