Against the nauseating tiranny of presentism in today’s society and media – and for a little scoop of laziness on the side – I’ve decided that from now on I will only post two-three articles a month, at random moments, and often detached from the news of the day or the week.
Not that I neglect the meaning and essence of the Present Moment. As a matter of fact, I love the thrill of the instant. I just don’t think there’s a point in hoping to make it ubiquitous: you will not grasp the ephemere bliss patting my skin as a sunbeam hits my face with a certain angle, nor share that magic chill in a sudden gust of evening breeze during a summer apéritif. Of course, I can write about it, and you can picture it, or even somewhat feel it, later.
The headlines’ globalization, Cnnization then twitterization, only has a point for instant facts (9/11, The World Cup Finals’ penalty kick, first man on Mars…), or for those who are actually being part of the news (demonstrators in Cairo or Damascus). But today, in the West at least, there’s a huge need for less headlines, less presentism, and for a more enduring and detached analysis, for a steadier, in-depth gaze. Excessively highlighting the present makes us blind.

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