Beavers in a man’s world

As soon as the beaver, the rat, or the wild boar population in a certain area grows by 20 or 30%, or to any level that is thought to be unsustainable within that particular ecosystem (and to be posing a threat to the local agriculture), the authorities have teams of exterminators come and level down the numbers, or loosen some of the hunting restrictions so that Sunday’s rifles can wipe out the problem.

The human population on this planet has grown by over 400% over the last one hundred years. That is, probably several times what would be fully viable and sustainable for the planet we live on. Not to mention that we consume way more than the spartan wild boar, and we pollute more – and even much more than the industrious beaver. I’m certainly not calling for the hunters nor the exterminators to step in, but seriously… do we really think we can go on just growing and behaving like this?

PS: By saying this, I do not intend to condemn, by any means, some of the areas in the world with the highest population growths, like Africa or West and South Asia. In the Western world, we consume much more than they do. Way more than we should.

Carbon damage by country, 2003. Source:

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